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New Ireland Assurance Best Life and Pensions Broker

  2016 Winner - McCarthy Insurance Group The company should be able to demonstrate excellence in the decumulation-phase advice proposition they offer their clients in retirement, and have a proven track record as a business in advising on clients unique retirement needs, they should be able to demonstrate an ability to show a client centric approach to the business by providing the jargon busting updated information both on and off line. Service / training / technology / systems. Enter No [...]

Best Innovation in Financial Services

2016 Winner - Irish Life This award is open to individuals, teams and organisations of any size from any industry that have demonstrated innovation which meets an identified business, market, or other economic need; gives the implementing individual, team or organisation a competitive business advantage or has identified clear growth prospects for the organisation or the wider economy. It can be categorised as either a project, service, application, procedure or operation which has supported b [...]

Best Financial Communications Team

2016 Winner - KBC Bank This award will be given to the most effective financial sector Communication team and will be measured on a campaign or one-off project within the financial sector during the year. Concentrate on work that is primarily targeted at investors or other financial industry audiences. The team will be asked to show their strategy and how it was implemented, how they measured it and amended if it was needed, also show an ability to be agile within a sometimes turbulent marketp [...]

Best Customer Service

2016 Winner - Your company should have been in existence for at least 12 months and be able to demonstrate an excellent customer service record. Offering support service solutions to your clients, you should show an ability to explain complex financial service information in a clear and concise way both online and through written documents. You should have a proven track record in dealing with customer complaints and show evidence on how a complaint is logged and dealt with in a timely [...]

Best CSR Award

2016 Winner - Bank of Ireland Nominees for this award will need to demonstrate how they have committed substantial resources and time to achieve significant and sustainable benefit to the community in social, economic and/or environmental arenas, through non-profit driven ventures. Judging criteria will include: Type of contribution and its outstanding values to the target beneficiaries Demonstrated/provided key examples of work from the CSR programme with details on motivation, capital resour [...]

Best Insurance Provider

2016 Winner - Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. Nominees for this award will need to show themselves to be progressive companies within their space and have demonstrated leadership in the industry. Judging criteria will include: - Consistency and growth in financial performance - Operational efficiency and effectiveness - Product/service development - Support to target markets - Level of service/training/technology. Enter Now [...]